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22nd Feb 2022

Healthcare system is one of the most important sectors of a society.  ISSO Inc. promotes process-based quality management systems for healthcare organizations to ensure patient-centered service.

Private companies and medium to large corporations hold an important role in society.  Just as every business has a legal license to operate, so they must establish a ‘social license to operate’.  There is a growing number of international standard for corporate social responsibility.  


ISO 9001 - Quality Management System QMS) has a broad coverage. It applies to various types of organizations of any size and industry. Its extensive documentation system is increasingly recognized to become an efficient management system for healthcare organizations to provide a high-quality healthcare.

The goal is to uphold the QMS in their respective institutions to efficiently provide health services that guarantees quality public health.  This endeavor is acquiescent to the Philippines government’s directives of institutionalizing QMS on all of its agencies, departments, corporations and institutions as mandated by Administrative Order 161, Series of 2006 and Executive Order 605, Series of 2007.


ISSO Inc. supports ISO 26000 – Guidance on Social Responsibility.  This is a non-auditable standard that allows organizations to uphold principles of Accountability, Transparency, Ethical behaviour, Respect for stakeholder interests, Respect for the rule of law, Respect for international norms of behaviour, and Respect for human rights. 

ISO 26000 provides guidance and recommendations for effective practices on its core subjects:

-       Organizational governance

-       Human rights

-       Labour practices

-       The environment

-       Fair operating practices

-       Consumer issues

-       Community involvement and development

As a socially responsible organization, you can improve your relationships with interested parties and with the community in which you operate.  Brand enhancement and protection is improved, increasing the ability to attract customers and clients, and retain employees or workers.

Also significant for investors, sponsors, and financial institutions interested in ethically sound organizations.

ISSO Inc. is providing consultancy, training, internal auditing and other services to hospitals, PEME, diagnostic and  laboratory  clinics.


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